If you are a woman looking for a skilled, respectful and experienced male therapist to hold space for you with a tantric massage and sexual healing, please contact me for details.

if you are a man looking for advice and support on natural virility and specific sexual related issues, take a look at www.heartofman.co.uk. Nick Hudis is an experienced male therapist that can help you with regards to physical, hormonal, reproductive and sexual issues using mainly herbs and supplements as well as a wealth of experience from the Taoist Tantric approach. Nick also holds men's group twice monthly in Menston where he offers teaching about Taoist Sexual practices and building the sense of Brotherhood.


• Tantra with Sarita: www.tantra-essence.com
• Tantra School: www.tantraschool.co.uk
• Suta: www.chooseblissnow.co.uk
• Agama yoga and tantra: www.agamayoga.com


The London School of Conscious Touch, training for professionals who touch.

Kimaya Crolla-Younger, Body Psychotherapist, Guide, and Supervisor, 'Sexuality is more than what we do in bed, but our entire creative aliveness, www.dakinikimaya.com. Kimaya and I studied Totality Therapy together on an intensive training with Shakti Malan, and continue to support each other to discover a deeper truth.

Beverlyi Lalyta Kaliah Devi, www.nectaroflife.co.uk

For targeted therapeutic massage, including therapeutic prostate massage, I also recommend Nick Hudis who practices from Menston every Wednesday, York every Thursday, and from Newcastle the rest of the week. His website is www.integramassage.co.uk.

Beautiful sculptures, perfect for that special present: www.innerspiritart.co.uk


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