When was the last time you felt totally cared for and able to let go in a safe space?

Forget expectations. Let go of rules, restrictions and social conditioning. Let yourself be surprised and taken on a beautiful journey, your own... Kalyani will listen to her intuition and follow it throughout her time with you. The healing will happen at its own pace when you are ready, from a sacred space opening,

As no one’s journey is the same, Kalyani brings you a number of Tantra experiences to specifically meet your needs at a given moment in time. You can click on each to view more details and find out about the prices:

To ensure you fully enjoy your Tantra experience with Kalyani, she pays particular attention to working in a dedicated, pure and safe space where openness and trust can be nurtured. Her caring touch and her reassuring presence will put you at ease from the moment you meet her.

Please note that 48 hours notice apply in case of cancellation for all treatments.

LATEST NEWS:Kalyani is offering a weekend workshop in Newcastle on 30th and 31st January 2016 entitled "Into the Heart of Emptiness... Winter Calls" together with another gifted teacher Fleur Chetwynd. When you feel totally held, safe and at ease, your defences just drop, and you can start to experience yourself beyond your usual norms. Your mind that strives to keep you within familiar boundaries can let go and make way for you to experience life from a more open, fluid and ultimately joyful place. 

Your senses will guide you as you gradually access more intimacy with yourself. You will reconnect with the deep knowing in your body that you are capable of experiencing so much more, and discover the wonder of being you, the nectar you exude.

Fleur and Kalyani will support you in accessing subtle levels of awareness, and in becoming familiar with the void. The skill is about removing layers of resistance almost imperceptibly so there is no forcing, just a constant invitation to become more and more naked, striped of conditioning and expectations.

Our time together will allow you to really embody this new way of being, so this gift, this realisation remains with you forever.

This workshop will run from 10am til 5pm both days and will take place in the Heaton area of Newcastle.

Places are limited to 12 people so you are invited to feel into your commitment to embrace this unique offering sooner rather than later, and contact Kalyani or Fleur to apply for attending. If we feel you are ready for this journey you will be asked for a non refundable £80 deposit to confirm your place.

The early bird rate is another £80, if paid in full by Saturday 16th January. The full rate is £180 for the two days after 16th January. If you are drawn to this work but are only able to attend for one day please get in touch as well, some possibilities may open up for you.
Please get in touch via the contact page if you'd like to receive a leaflet by email to find out more, or to simply join her contact list.


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