"Dear Kalyani, I didn't email you right away because I wanted to take a few days to integrate my experience. I want to express my deepest gratitude to you from the depths of my heart for the love, care and affection you have shown me. For many yeays I felt very out of connection with my body and sexuality. During our meetings i felt so many years of resistance fall away leaving just the naked truth of who i truly am :) In the world we live today it is powerful and courageous women like yourself that remind me fo the love and power of feminine divinity. may you be blessed to continue to remind all beings of the love which we truly are" Mr B, age 21


"What a beautiful session with you, I feel so upllifted - my whole body is gently vibrating with energy ~~~~~ my spirit is dancing with joy and I've now found my voice. What more could one ask from life :)" Mr I (as below), age 58

"My dearest Kalyani,not sure where to start. Possibly with your most astute observation when we last met that there was some sadness there in me - really you sometimes scare me :-) You have helped me so much to throw off the pain and anger of my face within which I was imprisoned. Taught my body how to release all this energy, how to relax and let it flow within me; given me these wonderful tools to help to heal my inner self. But there was something missing. Of course I really knew what is was -  my inability to be completely open about this to the love of my heart, my wife.So all caution was thrown to the wind, the flood gates opened for all the emotions of the last 10 months (or really the last 58 years!) to flow out of me. I see now that one never truly knows the strength of the bonds with another human being, until one completely opens up to them - all defences removed. Her love and understanding of how important this is to me is really quite something. We are one now - and for some reason I am reminded of this from Shakti Live by John Mclaughlin - 
'What need have I for this, what need have I for that, I am dancing at the feet of my lord, all is bliss, all is bliss' I'm sure we will have time to talk about this when I see you next, in the new year, but I felt the need to share this moment with you. Without you it would not have been possible. Thank you."
Mr I (as below), age 58

"What can I say! I am overwhelmed by my feelings from our session. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life but I just presumed that after I would simply go home, maybe feeling tired, and wake up in the morning just the same as usual. The reality has been totally the opposite. This has left me so energised and focused. It is like years of psychological baggage has just been swept away. I do tend to lean towards the side of scepticism in life and before the appointment, the idea of distributing all this sexual energy around the body was difficult to comprehend - let alone for it still being there in subsequent days!! I laid in bed this morning and I could still feel the echo of all that energy. Thank you so very much for opening this door for me. I feel like I have just peeped through to another world and if you were happy to lead me further, I would certainly like to continue this journey with you." Mr I, age 58
"Just wanted to say thanks to Nel for a wonderful massage last week. I was a river flowing under her hands ... running over the earth and plunging into untold depths." Mr R, age 52

"Following our session, I thought I would drop you a note to say thank you again. With time to reflect, I can say that I have never experienced such a rollercoaster of positive energy and emotion. To feel such vulnerability, two days on, it still leaves me almost breathless but so deeply touched that I feel much more at ease with myself. Thank you. I am sure that next time my journey will further be heightened as I will know more in terms of what to expect and can hopefully lose my tension and relax sooner in the session as admittedly I felt very nervous." Mr H, age 43 


"The most intimate and sensual 2 hours of my life. A wonderful mix of vulnerability, trust, love and touch that leaves an energy that stays with you for much longer than the massage. It feels like this should become a part of my life. If you have got this far then you really should try it." 
Mr R, age 45

"Thank you so so much for the most beautiful and intimate massage which has restored my positive feminine energy and light. You blessed me with exactly what I needed and I promise this is only the beginning of our journey together. Thank you" Mrs R, age 42

"If you are wondering, like I did, whether Divine Tantra is an elaborate front for some high-class massage parlour let me set your mind at rest. It’s not. If, also like me, you’re part of the rock’n’roll generation and see being in your 60s as the new 40s, and thus still keen to try new experiences, push the boundaries, feel alive again, and understand what a blissful sense of well-being really means, then Tantra may be just what you need. Kalyani is the real deal and delivers exactly what she says on her website. If you are genuine too and offer her an open mind, you’ll discover there really is something to this. It takes time. This is not just a therapy...it’s an art form. So just be patient, trust her and allow her to take you in your own time on a sensual and spiritual journey that you will never want to end"Mr J, age 65 (going on 35!)

"Kalyani has immense integrity and genuinely pursues the Tantra ideals she promotes on her website. It wasn’t an instant fix. It’s taking time and trust, but I’m now well into the journey and I am beginning to understand, experience and be amazed by what’s possible if you de-programme long-held attitudes and let go. I haven’t found the perfect description for this greater sense of well-being yet, but 'perpetual bliss' comes to mind." Mr T, age 56

"I can feel the weight of the world creeping back on me and will be visiting on a regular basis to keep me centred and glowing" Mr D, age 32

"I find it difficult to describe the mix of energies in the room from maternal to sibling to lover, healing on every level, unique and very special. The world stops, you exhale, you close your eyes, a shower of starlight falls on and bathes you. So divine, So sublime" Mr S, age 62

"Like nothing I've experienced before, I imagine everybody will have a unique experience. But you must try at least one or you will never know." Mr H, age 49

"It was a wonderful experience, your gentle voice, tender touch and experienced hands was heaven itself." Mr P, age 53

"Sublime… takes the art of massage to a new level, releasing and energising all parts of the body. A very powerful experience!" Mr D, age 51

"I felt I could trust and open up. Afterwards I feel calm, clear and energised. You give out so much love, thank you. You are an angel!" Mrs C, age 43

Divine Tantra