Tantra is an ancient practice originating from India. It views the body, the emotions and the spirit as all equally important to reach enlightment. The body is the key that enables the emotions to flow and uplift the spirit, reconnecting us to the Universe. The breath is the guide that enables the connection of all three into alchemical transformation.


If you accept your body in all its splendour, you can access the ancient wisdom by listening to its murmurs and guidance. Open yourself, listen and learn. Let go of rigid social conditioning, reconnect with universal laws and let love heal you.

Tantra is within the reach of everyone. No mere spiritual practice, it is rather a more fluid approach to our true nature. If you release blockages in the body and let your energy flow again, you will recognise you’ve reached a balance and inner peace from which you can grow. Once you connect with presence to yourself and open up to the flow of energy in your body, you invite inner Sacred Union of Shiva (Masculine) and Shakti (Feminine) energies which awakens your kundalini. This in turn feeds all your energy centres and raises your energy to become open to experiencing more of life.

Tantra in the form of a tantric massage is great for individuals who feel detached from their bodies, or who want to experience an alignment between their sexual, emotional and spiritual energies. For couples it is highly recommended to work on intimacy issues, deepen your connection to one another and as part on an on-going couple counselling therapy. Plese note that the tantric massage on offer at Divine Tantra is a healing offering, not a sexual service, and individuals seeking ejacularoty release will not be seen. By retaining the energy of the session instead, you invite your body to experience the transformative healing possible every time y our connect to sexual energy.


Enjoy your journey!

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