There is so much more to Tantra than massages... If you want to share Kalyani’s vision of Tantra, or simply follow her journey and experiences, you can also join her on:


I have also handpicked a number of websites and books, as well as events, that I thought will help enhance the experience you have when you visit Divine Tantra:

Recommended Websites

Recommended Books

Recommended Music

Other resources
Kundalini Yoga, which Kalyani highly recommends to raise your energy | www.kundaliniyoga.org.uk
5 Rhythms dance, great to get that energy moving | www.dancetherhythms.com | www.acalltodance.com


If you are interested in a workshop listed below just get in touch to find out when we will next be running it.

 A call to all Women... Make some time for yourself, connecting with your capacity to embody the Divine Feminine and flow in your life.Divine Woman ALIVE:

Kalyani and Nel complement each other beautifully and bring to you their passionate commitment to bring the full woman in you to life. Join them to explore with other women the joy and healing possible when gathering together in sacred space.

This workshop requires no previous experience, just a willingness to explore and experience, and is open to women of all ages. To find out more about this exciting opportunity, connect with Kalyani by email (from the contact page).

Opening up to ecstasy
A weekend of Tantric and Taoist exploration to expand your capacity to be fully alive. Please contact Kalyani via the contact page to receive full details by email next time this workshop is run.

Loving Touch for couples, a tantric massage tuition workshop for couple, will take place when enough people have expressed interest. Contact Kalyani to find out more and register your interest.

This beautiful, gentle yet deeply meaningful workshop teaches you how to connect with your beloved in new ways, offering you a place from which you can nurture and deepen your intimacy. It is suitable for established couples who want to gain a new understanding of how to relate together, as well as for new couples who want to establish solid foundations for their togetherness.


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