One to one Tantra massage

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Allow this time to reconnect with yourself. Kalyani will use a variety of tools to awaken your senses again: her hands, fingers, fingertips, nails, hair, breath, visualisation, holds and other props… Your enhanced senses will let you experience your connection to your body in a new way, deeper within yourself. She will work with your breath to deepen your enlivened connection to your body so that the trantric energy can start running through every cell of your being.

This massage allows for a deep connection with yourself. Your whole body will be massaged, including the genital area, but if there are areas where you are not comfortable to be touched, Kalyani will respect this. She will work with you over time to understand and help you overcome any blockages that may arise. While the whole body is massaged, this is not a massage given for sexual gratification, or erotic purpose, but a deeply healing offering. It is very beneficial as part of sexual counselling you may be receiving, or to deepen your capacity for intimacy with yourself or a partner. Once awareness of the body is held and trust is established by the mind, and once the flow of life and its expression as sexual energy starts to be experienced in your body, inner union can happen awakening your Kundalini energy and bringing deep nourishment to all your chakras or energy centres. This in turn revives your internal organs, brings harmony to your being and fuels your creativity, hence the deeply healing capacity of this massage.

No one massage you receive will be the same. There is no set pattern because you are a different person in your approch to the world every day. Session after session Kalyani will support you on your journey of self discovery.

Come and let yourself be free. Come and honour the god or goddess within you.

The cost will vary according to the length of time you book. The session time includes an initial consultation or chat, as well as relaxing time after the massage and feedback prior to concluding. The massage length can be up to 30 minutes shorter. The longer the session, the more can be experienced during the massage, and the more time you give your body to receive the energy of the session... You will be massaged usually on a couch, or possibly on the floor for the 3 hours session.

Minumum length of a Tantra Massage is up to 2 hours, for £160


2 hours 30 minutes, £195

3 hours, £230 PLEASE NOTE: this session cannot be booked the first time you see Kalyani, but discussed together after we've met.

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