Couple massage tuition

Kalyani will share her massage experience with you.

You will practice on your partner with Kalyani before swapping places and receiving a massage from your partner and Kalyani. Use this time together to enrich your connection and intimacy with one another. Change your habits with each other, learn to rediscover your lover.

Recommended as part of an on-going couple counselling therapy, or simply for the sheer fun of it and a beautiful present to one another! You also receive a full set of notes detailing the massage so you can repeat this at home and improve your techniques and experience over and over.

Prices start at £160 for 2 hours tuition, and £80 per additional hour.


Twice a year Kalyani leads a tantric massage workshop for couples. A beautiful gift for yourself and your partner. Get in touch to receive all the details and to register your interest.

Kalyani also runs occasional New Dimension evenings for couples, This is a fully clothed event allowing you to deepen your intimacy while guided on tantric related exercises. Get in touch if you are interested in becoming part of a group for these practices.

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