In no particular order…

A beautiful book to understand and celebrate wmoen's genitals: Heart of the Flower by Andrew Barnes and Yvonne Lumsden www.heartoftheflower.com

Tantric Sex by Kavida Rei, my most recent read, with lots of great meditations and ideas to increase your presence to one another.

• Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert

• The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton

• The Book, Alan Watts
• Receiving Love, Harville Hendrix & Helen Lakelly Hunt
• Tantric Love: Journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy, by Geho & Sarita
• Divine Sexuality: The Joy of Tantra, by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
• The path to Love, Deepak Chopra
• The Book of Secrets, Osho
• Awareness, Intimacy, Intuition, Freedom, Creativity 5 different books by Osho
• The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, Margo Anand
• Emergence of the Sensual Woman, Saida Désilets

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