Tantra became a natural choice for Kalyani as she progressed on her path from massage to healing, following her spiritual quest over the last fifteen years to become a Tantrika. She is now a Tantra devotee, and continues to learn to widen her experience through constant practice and attending regular workshops in the UK and abroad. She works with total integrity and manifests deep embodied transformation in her clients who open to the fullness of their sexual energy, their energy of aliveness.


For over 10 years now Kalyani has been sharing her wisdom and learnings in the Tantra field through her practice. She can hence bring you her wealth of experience and respond to what you are bringing to a session with confidence and maturity.

Kalyani's tantric name means "beautiful, auspicious, blessed bliss" and it is with this intent that she will welcome you for your treatment. You may feel anxious, or nervous about trying a tantric massage for the first time, yet you will feel reassured from the moment you meet her. If you come to see Kalyani with a specific issue or just out of curiosity, you will leave feeling changed, with more joy for life and a sense of inner peace.

Please note, this is not an erotic or sexual service, which is why it is always best to review with Kalyani what you are seeking out of a treatment before being able to make a booking.

Kalyani will respect your confidentiality at all times. She offers you an environment in a dedicated space where you can be yourself, without judgement. In return she asks that you respect her methods and view her as a channel for the Universal Love, without creating attachment or dependence towards her.

Kalyani looks forward to helping you on your journey.

Kalyani is accompanied at Divine Tantra by Nel who has been working alongside her for over 3 years now, offering healing tantric massage and deep relaxation and wellness... Nel has studied with her Polish teachers for many years before coming to the UK. She is deeply intuitive and grounded, and brings her wisdom to her approach to touch. Kalyani will direct you to the most appropriate practitioner when you contact her.

  • "Rediscover the art of loving…
  • Loving yourself…
  • Loving your body…
  • Loving your unique connection to the Universe…
  • And allowing yourself to be loved." Kalyani
Divine Tantra